February 28, 2012

Longreach To Exit Investment In Logistics Company

Mitsui-Soko Co., Ltd., a major warehousing company, announced that Mitsui-Soko will acquire all outstanding shares of Sanyo Electric Logistics Co., Ltd., a PE-backed logistics company, from The Longreach Group, a midsize private equity firm, for 24.2 billion yen. Longreach invested in May 2010.

February 27, 2012

LIFENET Insurance To Go Public

LIFENET Insurance Company, a Japanese online insurer, announced that LIFENET will list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 15th of March. Monex Group, an online broker-based financial group, and venture capital companies invested in this LIFENET, which has expanded its operations rapidly through low-cost online services. It was originally founded in October 2006 by President Haruaki Deguchi, ex Nippon Life Insurance manager.

February 24, 2012

RHJ To Exit Investment In Resort Facilities

Sega Samy Holdings Inc., a pachinko-based entertainment company, annnounced that Sega Samy acquired all shares in Phoenix Resort KK from RHJ International, a private equity firm, for 400 million yen. Phoenix Resort has hotels, spas, golf courses restaurants and international conference halls in Miyazaki prefecture, located in the southern part of Japan. PHJ invested in May 2001. Sega Samy, in addition to payment for the shares, plans to lend 5.4 billion yen for the repayment of its loan.

February 21, 2012

Star Cable Network To Be Delisted Via Tender Offer

Star Cable Network, a Nagoya-based CATV operator, announced that Star Cable Network approved a tender offer from Community Network Center Inc (CNCI)., a private Nagoya-based holding company of 8 CATV operators. The TOB price is set at 79,300 yen, a 74.7% premium over its 3-month average. Star Cable will be delisted upon the successful outcome of the deal. CNCI is the third largest CATV operator behind J:Com and JCN.

February 20, 2012

Trust Banks To Go Heavy On Domestic Bonds In FY12 Pension Investing

Shifting to a defensive posture, three of the biggest trust banks will raise the domestic-bond weightings of their standard portfolio for corporate pension funds next fiscal year, according to the Nikkei. Their average Japanese bond allocation will rise to 38.5%, the highest level in a decade and more than 10 percentage points higher than the near-term low in fiscal 2007. Most of this category consists of government bonds. At the same time, trust banks will trim pension funds' exposure to equities to shield investors from the European debt crisis and other risks. The figures are for balanced portfolios managed by Sumitomo Trust, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust, Mizuho Trust and Resona Bank. The standard portfolios consist of foreign and domestic stocks and bonds. Expected returns are around 4%.

February 17, 2012

UNY To Make Its Convenience Store Private

UNY Co. Ltd., a major chain store operator for general retail services, announced that UNY make a tender offer for Circle K Sunkus Co., an UNY Group conveniece store operator. The TOB price is set at 1,780 yen, a 40% premium over a 3 month average. UNY is the lagerst shareholder(47.28%)of Circle K Sunkus, approve the offer. Circle K Sunkus will be delisted upon the successful outcome of the deal.

February 15, 2012

Kozosushi To Go Private Via Tender Offer

Kozosushi So-Honbu Co., Ltd., a nationwide franchiser of take-out sushi restaurants, announced Kozosushi approve the tender offer from an investment vehicle by Ikuo Kimura, an experienced entrepreneur. The TOB price is set at 140 yen, a 8.5% discount to a 3 month average. Kozoshushi's largest shareholder Skylark Co. Ltd., a Bain-backed family restaurants operator, agreed to the offer.

D.A. Consortium To Acquire ngi group via Tender Offer

D.A. Consortium Inc., a internet-based advertisement company, announced that DA Consortium make a tender offer for ngi group, inc., an internet business company. The TOB price is set at 324 yen, a 44% premium over a 3 month average. DA Consortium belongs to Hakuhodo Group, a major advertisement company. ngi focuses on venture capital business as well as advertisement services on internet.

Glory To Purchase Talaris Topco From Carlyle Europe

Glory Ltd., a major money handling machine manufacturer, announced that Glory acquire all of outstanding shares of Talaris Topco Ltd., PE-backed English provider of cash handling equipment and software solutions. The consideration for the acquisition is expected to be about 650 million pounds. Carlyle Europe funds invested in September 2008. Through the acquisition, Glory will accelerate the overseas business.

Takasago Engineering To Acquire Building Maintenance Firm Via Tender Offer

Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. , a major airconditioning engineering company, announced that Takasago make a tender offer for Marusei Co., Ltd., a medium-sized building maintenance company. Marusei approved the offer. The TOB price is set at 600 yen, a 43.54 % premium over a 3 month average.

February 14, 2012

Ushio To Acquire ADTEC Engineering Via Tender offer

Ushio Inc., a light(lamp)-oriented electrical company, announced that Ushio will make a tender offer for ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd., an exposure systems-based manufacturer. The TOB price is set at 400 yen, a 29.87% premium over a 3 month average. The founding family(its largest shareholder) of ADTEC agreed to the tender offer.

February 13, 2012

Akatsuki Financial To Tender Offer For Financial Contents Provider

Deamvisor Holdings, an internet-based financial contents provider, announced that Dreamvisor approved the tender offer from Akatsuki Financial Group, a medium-sized financial group. The TOB price is set at 36,000 yen, a 63.82% premium over a 3 month average. Akatsuki holds a securities house, a future commodity house and an asset management company,who will take advantage of Dreamvisor's service. Dreamvisor will remain on the exchange after the deal.

February 08, 2012

Orix To Acquire Major Liquor Distributor

Orix Co., a lease-oriented financial conglomerate, will buy Kawachiya Corp., a major wholesaler of beer, wine, and spirits, according to Nikkei. Orix will acquire the shares from its founding family and plans to realign the industry, which is full of small, owner-oriented distributors.

February 07, 2012

Next Capital To Exit Investment In Sato Benec

Next Capital Partners Co., Ltd., a SME-focused private equity firm, announced that Next Capital reached an agreement with Daisen Building Co., Ltd., a private real estate company that Next Capital will sell its 100% share of Sato Benec Co., Ltd., a construction company, to Daisen Building. Next Capital invested in Sato Benec in February 2007.

February 06, 2012

IHI To Make Group Companies Private Via Tender Offer

IHI Co., one of the major comprehensive heavy electric machinery manufacturers, announced that IHI will make a tender offer for its listed subsidiary, IHI Construction Materials Co., Ltd. The TOB price is set at 175 yen, a 38.89% premium over its 3-month average. IHI will also make another offer for its listed subsidiary, IHI Transport Machinery Co., Ltd.. The TOB price is set at 670 yen, a 52.97% premium over its 3-month average. Both companies will be delisted upon successful outcome of the deals.

February 05, 2012

Average Group Annuities Inked -8.51% By 3rd Q. of 2011

The average return for group annuities in special accounts which Japan's six largest insurers invest in on behalf of corporate pension funds was minus 8.51% in the cumulative 3rd quarter of fiscal 2011, compared with minus 3.67% a year earlier, according to Nikkei. The poor performance in investment return is mainly attributed to a drop in domestic stock prices and the yen's sharp appreciation.

February 01, 2012

Benesse To Acquire UP Inc. Via Tender Offer

UP Inc., a listed cram school operator, announced that it approved a tender offer from Benesse Holdings Inc., a leading independent education provider. The TOB price is set at 1050 yen, a 84.9% premium over its 3 month average. UP will delist from the Tokyo Stock Exchange after Benesse's buyout.

NTT Data To Tender Offer For JBIS

JBIS Holdings Inc., a securities industry-focused software company, announced that JBIS approved a tender offer from NTT Data Co., a major system integrator. The TOB price is set at 310 yen, a 31.91% premium over a 3-month average. JBIS will be delisted upon the successful outcome of this deal.